Monday, October 17, 2016

CONGRATULATIONS! S+S Theatre (KL) 2016: Shortlisted Scripts & Directors (Updated 25102016)

S+S Theatre (KL) 2016 will be held on
Week 1: 19 Oct to 22 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Week 2: 26 Oct to 29 Oct (Wed - Sat)
Gala Night: 30 Oct (Sun)
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)

20 Shortlisted Directors & Scripts

Week 1: 19 Oct to 22 Oct (Wed - Sat)

1. Duplicates (Week 1)
Director: Asyraf Dzahiri
Playwright: Toby Teh
Shawn Loong, Putera Karl, Mohd Azmaine & Veshalini Naidu

2. Beauty and The Bard (Week 1)
Director: Karmern Lim
Playwright: Audrey Lim
Nabilla Adnan & Lee Min Hui

3. Tunjuk Aku The Money (Week 1)
Director: Viros Chin
Playwright: Yusuf Bakar @ Dudok
Sherry Loh, Zickry & Hing Jee Hau

4. Today’s The Day 今天。以后 (Week 1)
Director: Lee Jun Kee
Playwright: Tee I-Wei
Translator: Chan Jian Ning
Joey Chon, Apple Yap, Jason Wong, Misu Lee, KS Tiong & Emily Yong

5. Fifty Cooks To A Pot of Broth, and Now We Fight To The Death (Week 1)
Director: Emily Thea
Playwright: John Lim
Salim Sow, Magdalene Rose de Rozario, John Lim & Lee Min Hui

6. Discovering Countries and Other Pastimes of the 15th Century European Male (Week 1)
Director: Kenan
Playwright: Jacqueline Ashkin
Ashraf Farid, Phraveen Arikiah & Kimchi Lai

7. Fire (Week 1)
Director: Majidah Hashim
Playwright: Carol Dance
Az’farr Baginda & Raja Shah Irshad

8. Last Flight Out (Week 1)
Director: Arief Hamizan
Playwright: Terence Toh & Arief Hamizan
Alfred Loh & Hana Nadira

9. By A Thread (Week 1)
Director: Freddy Tan
Playwright: Michelle Tan
Season Chee, Ho Lee Ching, Timmy Ong, Phraveen Arikiah, Adam Luqman, Emlynne Shauna Tham &
Tiara Jane Archant

Week 2: 26 Oct to 29 Oct (Wed - Sat)

1. Ramli & Jamilah (Week 2)
Director: Yusuf Zalfakhar
Playwright: Sabrina Ameen
Shon Anwar, Miramerot, Dyra, Faaez & Alyn 

2. Predators (Week 2)
Director: Michelle Tan
Playwright: Alvin Looi
Charles Roberts & Kimchi Lai

3. The Parasite (Week 2)
Director: Terence Toh
Playwright: Chen Su Zanne
Vinna Law, Andy Poon, Kyle Sui, May Tang & Lee Yoong Shin

4. Hati (Week 2)
Director: Dr Shark
Playwright: Amir Hazril Harith
Mohd Aizuddin Mohd Rosli & Laila Izyana Saiful Bahri

5. Not In The Mood (Week 2)
Director: Kendo Kenz
Playwright: FA Abdul
Stanley Oh & Anna Neo

6. Veil (Week 2)
Director: Toby Teh
Playwright: Andy Darrel Gomes
Gregory Sze & Amanda Michelle Xavier

7. Alone In A Bar (Week 2)
Director: Vinna Law
Playwright: Mark W. Sasse
William Yap, Karan Hundal, Tan Wei Ling & Sho Suzuki

8. Where’s The Brownie? (Week 2)
Director: Jeremy Ooi
Playwright: Stanley Oh & Surekha Ragavan
Alfred Loh & Oliver Johanan

9. Old Newspapers (Week 2)
Director: Kent Tan
Playwright: Kent Tan
Tan Li Yang & Suzuki Cheng

10. Lompat (Week 2)
Director: Sakdon
Playwright: Haris Hazizan
Arief Danial, Mohd Noor Fahmi & Pie

11. Chaos (Week 2)
Director: UiHua
Playwright: John Newman
Gregory Sze, Ismail Jamaluddin & Adly Kiddy

Running order for the festival will be decided at a later date pending further deliberation.